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Penco Rivet Shelving with Center Support

pencoPenco's RivetRite shelving with center support provides greater stability and weight capacities without you having to worry about load distribution.

Starter and Adder units are combined to form a row of shelving.

Each Adder unit includes a pair of tee posts, which are used in common between units. This reduces assembly time and the number of parts required. Begin each row with two angle posts from the starter unit and join the desired number of add-on units to complete the row. Finish the last unit with a pair of angle posts from the starter unit.


Particle Board is not included with these units. Penco's RivetRite is designed for use with 5/8" Particle Board type 1-M-1 interior grade decking. If you're cutting your own board, use nominal size and cut to +0"-1/8". Shelf deck capacity may not carry the rating of the steel framing.

Call us at (877) 859-8235 if you'd like to discuss your rivet shelving needs or to get a custom quotation based on volume.

Penco Rivet Shelving with Center Support
RivetRite DR Starters
RivetRite DR Starters
RivetRite DR Adders
RivetRite DR Adders